HOW TO BOUNCE BACK FROM A SETBACK-Broken crayons still colour!

“The down fall of man is not the end of his life”

Life has dealt with each one of us one way or the other. Life is hard man!. But the most imoportant aspect of the set-back is how we pick ourselves up and dust up quickly.

I truly believe it is not how hard we fall, but how quickly we rise up. Life will make a victim out of you if you let it.

Early last year i was confronted with the issue of having to stay in a toxic relationship or let go. It took me months to decide as i was griped with fear. Fear of the unknown, i was not sure if i could survive on my own with a year old baby.

I am glad i took that bold step, i am glad i chose me. Truly it has proven to be the best decison i ever made. I am in a better mental space at the moment, than i was in that toxic relationship.

You could be going through a divorce, maybe you lost a loved one, filed for bankruptcy, battling a major illness, rape, abuse, the loss of a business whatever it is that life has dealt you with. I am here to tell you that, this too shall pass. No condition is permanent.

Would it not be wonderful if life comes with a manual?. I wish! but if wishes were horses beggers will be riding them everywhere.

You can not go into your future dressed in your past. You can not go into your future carrying the burdens of yesterday. Let it go!


It does not matter how bruised, broken or damaged you are. Broken crayons still colour, so far as there is life there is hope.

The only place without hope is the cemetary. There is vast number of people that have gone through major crisis but managed to rise above it.

Those people were not born with extraordinary powers or abilities. They are just average human beings, just like you and I. They chose to rise above their circumstances and do extraordinary things.

Stephan Hawking battled with an early onset slow progressing form of motor neuron disease, also known as “ALS” for 50 years. He had every reason to give up on life.

Stephan went on to achieve commercial success with several works of popular science in which he discusses his own theories and cosmology in general.

You are no different from Mr Hawkings. You have your own special skills, and talents hidden on the inside of you. Truth of the matter is, no one can do things, the way you do them. You are special and unique, never believe otherwise.


Affirmations are positve statements that can help you overcome negative thoughts. In other words proclaming positive statements you want to see in your life.

Write those affirmations on a sticky note and stick them where you will see them regularly eg. your bathroom mirror, on your bedroom walls, fridge etc.

The more you see them (affirmations) and the more you declare them. You will notice those negative thoughts are changing into positives ones. It works like magic try it.

Examples of positive affirmations are:

I am powerful.
I am intelligent.
I am unique.
I can do whatever i set my mind to.
I am a finisher.
I am wealthy.
I am the best at what i do.
I am a giver.
I am an overcomer.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


Do not spend too much energy and time on the things you can not control. We can not have control over everything and that is alright.

Focus on what you can control, by deciding to try again. Start that business all over again, go back to school, learn a trade. Put things in place, set goals and achieve the hell out of them!

In consistency lies the power “just don’t quit”!, and remember you can do all things if you believe.